About Us

About Us

Manufacturers and suppliers of Packaging

Based in the city of Arica, Chile, Condensa is an aluminum packaging manufacturer and supplier with more than 50 years of experience.


With our beginnings in the development of electronic capacitors, in Condensa we have continuously evolved and improved our processes, focusing our activities of the last decades in the manufacture of aluminum packaging for aerosols, beverages, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and specialty products, among others.

At Condensa, we are focused on delivering quality service and exercising sustainable practices. Our focus is sustainable growth in terms of product, society and environment, in order to generate collaborative relationships and trust with our customers.


Our History

Principles and Values

Condensa Culture

In Condensa we see the value of each of the members of our processes. We respect our principles, ethical standards and best practices through the permanent contribution to our people, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community.


We are committed to excellence in the manufacture of high quality, sustainable aluminum packaging solutions through relationships of collaboration and trust.

Our people

The most valuable asset and the main pillar of our organization. Design and training allow us to have leading teams in our industry.

Our clients

Main strategic partners. We are committed to developing long-term business relationships based on trust, collaboration and partnership.

Our processes

We follow industry best practices and work constantly on continuous improvement, adding value and flexibility to our processes. In addition, we constantly seek solutions to minimize our environmental impact.

Our suppliers

We achieve the quality of our products and services thanks to our suppliers. We understand their value and seek to develop long-term relationships.

Our community

It is our responsibility to contribute to a better quality of life through activities that add value to our organization, our people, their families and the community around us.

Our Shareholders

We are committed to protecting the company’s value and contributing to its growth. Our shareholders are constantly informed about the company’s performance and evolution.

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