Why Condensa

Why Condensa

At Condensa we have a customer-oriented tradition. We focus on understanding the business with the objective of offering and delivering solutions that meet the specific requirements and needs of each of our clients and collaborators.

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The benefits of aluminum

Aluminum is the most abundant material on earth and the lightest material that provides a complete barrier to light, gases and moisture. It is reliable for preserving products and is efficient during the packaging and transportation process.


We manufacture our products with aluminum, primarily because it is a unique metal with many beneficial characteristics: it is strong, durable, flexible, waterproof, lightweight, corrosion resistant and recyclable.

This material is at the top of the recycling chain due to its infinite reusability without any degradation in its quality or purpose of use.


Aluminum for a sustainable future

This raw material not only reduces carbon dioxide emissions during the process of producing packaging from recycled material, but also helps to reduce contamination levels resulting from the supply and transportation stages due to its lightness and strength.


Thanks to its infinite reusability, more than two-thirds of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Moreover, recycled aluminum generates savings of 95% of the initial energy used during its first production.

Commitment to the environment

At Condensa we care about the environment and sustainability. That is why we develop our products with first-use aluminum or PCR aluminum, which is composed of 100% reused material.

Let's work together to reduce the environmental impact on our planet.

Our Commitment

Our Customers

We specialize in serving small, medium and large companies around the world, exporting to more than 70 customers in different countries.

We are committed to finding solutions that fit the needs of our customers’ markets and industries and result in great products.

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