Threaded Bottles

38/400 Bottles

This innovative aluminum packaging developed primarily for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries is ideal for solid, semi-solid and powder oral formulations.

Our bottle features a wide mouth opening with 38/400 thread, ideal to fit standard market caps and be used for larger products.

This product is available in the following sizes and capacities:

24/410 Bottles

This 24/410 threaded bottle is ideal for liquid formulations in the nutraceutical industry, such as shots and shakes. It is also commonly used for other liquid products in different industries, such as personal care, cosmetics and over-the-counter products, among others.

This container can be developed with open or rolled neck termination, depending on the requirements of each type of product.

We have the following dimensions and volumes:

ROPP 28 bottles

This aluminum bottle has a Roll on Pilfer Proof mouth with a 28 mm opening. It is ideal for single-use beverages and liquid formulations for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, personal care, beauty and food industries, among others.


This product is available in the following sizes and capacities:

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