Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals

We have different types of bottles and containers for solid and semi-solid oral formulations for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, such as capsules, tablets and powder applications.

38/400 Threaded Bottles

Wide mouth 38/400 threaded bottle, ideal to fit standard caps on the market and to be used with larger capsules and tablets.

24/410 Threaded Bottles

24/410 threaded mouth bottle ideal for liquid formulations in the nutraceutical industry, such as shots, shakes and vitamin supplements.

ROPP 28 Bottles

Roll on Pilfer Proof bottle ideal for single-use beverages and liquid formulations for the nutraceutical industry, such as probiotic and food supplement shots.

Snap Bottles

Snap bottle with flip-top lid for easy opening, sealing and removal of the products inside. This bottle has a wide neck, so it can be used for larger capsules and tablets.

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