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Unveiling Versatility: Exploring Our 24/410 Aluminum Threaded Bottle

Discover the versatility of our 24/410 aluminum threaded bottle—a dynamic solution for diverse liquid formulations, offering a standard 24/410 threaded opening, two neck finish options, and a canvas for 360° printing decoration, seamlessly blending innovation and aesthetics for an elevated packaging experience.

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Embracing PCR Aluminum: A Greener Future for Packaging

In the pursuit of a sustainable future, businesses turn to PCR aluminum packaging. While standard aluminum already contributes greatly to sustainability, PCR aluminum offers enhanced energy efficiency and circular economy benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the key advantages of using PCR aluminum.

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Choosing The Right Packaging: Tips To Keep In Mind

Choosing the right packaging requires careful consideration of several factors, including functionality, sustainability, brand image, cost, and consumer safety. Aluminum packaging is an excellent choice that meets these criteria, offering durability, recyclability, branding options, and safety for a range of products.

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Why Internal Coatings Matter

Choosing the right interior coating for your aluminum packaging is a very important step in the process.
Here we explain what points to take into account when choosing the interior coating for your products.

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Aluminum: In Search of a Circular Economy

We are all familiar with beverage cans, but not everyone is aware of the efficiency of their recycling process. Aluminum packaging for single-use beverages has the highest recycling efficiency rate in the market, reaching up to 90% once the material has been collected.

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Condensa 2022 Strategic Gathering

On December 3rd, Condensa held a new annual Strategic Conference, a special event in which all the members of the company get together and carry out team activities and presentations of annual results.

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