Condensa Renews its Commitment to Quality: ISO 9001:2015 Recertification Validated by SGS


Last November, Condensa underwent an exhaustive audit conducted by the company SGS in order to revalidate our ISO 9001:2015 certification, reinforcing our constant commitment to quality and excellence.

The audit sought to determine the effectiveness of our internal processes, as well as identify areas of potential improvement to further strengthen our standards.

The process addressed crucial aspects of our operation, including:

  • Management System: Our operations, strategies and planning are evaluated to ensure effective management.
  • Logistics: Process, supply chain and dispatch controls were reviewed to ensure efficiency and quality.
  • Administration: The effectiveness of our administrative policies and processes was analyzed.
  • Maintenance: The corrective and preventive maintenance and control process was inspected.
  • Production: Planning, service and process control in our production area was evaluated.
  • Quality Control: Procedures were reviewed to ensure high quality standards.
  • People Management: Training and work environment processes were analyzed.

As a result, we successfully passed this assessment, meeting the high standards set by the audit and adding to our ISO rectifications from previous years. This achievement reflects our ongoing commitment to quality and drives us in the pursuit of continuous improvements in our processes and services.

We are excited about what 2024 holds for us and will continue to strive to maintain our position as an industry leader and achieve service excellence for all our customers.



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